Live Feed Update: Nominations tear allies apart

Live Feed Update: Nominations tear allies apart

APRIL 3, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Beth’s nominations have allies at each other’s throats over who to trust. Today, she nominated Tera and Rohan for eviction.

After the ceremony, Tera, Tina and Kiefer sat down to make sense of it all and things got heated rather quickly.

“Try not to stress about it,” said Tina trying to calm a rattled Tera.

“The only scenario is you winning the veto. Who goes up? I don’t know,” Kiefer chimed in.

Tera thinks the replacement would be Tina. Tina won’t be voted out but she would be the replacement if the veto is used this week.

“I am hoping that it is something that I am good at,” said a troubled Tera of the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

“Yeah, like crawling under things or holding onto a bar,” said Kiefer of the competitions he thought Tera would excel at.

“Jed wants to get picked for houseguest choice,” said Kiefer.

“That makes me a little uncomfortable. I still just don’t trust them,” Tera said of the trio: Jedson, Beth and Tychon.

“You’ve got no choice,” said Kiefer shrugging his shoulders.

“I can take my ass off the block and then I don’t need to trust them,” answered Tera.

“That’s right. I do think that there’s a high possibility it will get used,” said Tina of the veto.

Kiefer is sure Rohan has been cutting deals with many of the houseguests.

Tera is certain that if the nominations stay the same she is being voted out over Rohan.

“It is guaranteed that you stay but it’s not guaranteed that Rohan hasn’t flipped on you guys,” warned Kiefer saying that Rohan said to him he is going to put them on the block if he wins HoH.

“He wouldn’t do that. That is just what he is saying,” argued Tera.

“Tera, why wouldn’t he flip?” asked Kiefer.

“Because it would just be a matter of time before he goes,” she replied.

“There’s no way in a million years that Victoria puts us up,” said Kiefer defending her to Tera and Tina.

“I know for a fact Rohan wouldn’t,” Tera answered.

“How?” asked Kiefer.

“It doesn’t make any sense. He has to say that. He has to say that to them,” replied Tera.

“I don’t trust Rohan like you guys do,” said Kiefer throwing up his hands.

“I know you don’t but I am telling you that is not what he would do,” said Tera sternly.

“You guys put way too much trust in Rohan,” Kiefer said as voices began to rise and things became confrontational.

“You are putting way too much trust in those f—–g guys! They would take a shot at you! When the time comes you need to choose which f—–g side you are on, Kiefer! They would put you up!” said Tera.

“I’m on MY side, Tera! I am not on your f—–g side either!” Kiefer barked back.

“I know you’re not on my side, Kiefer!” snapped Tera.

“I came here to play!” said Kiefer.

“Every move that you’ve made shows that you’re not on my side and I’m the one who helped keep you safe!” said an angry Tera.

“You also helped keep yourself safe!” said Kiefer.

“Was Latoya gunning for me?” asked Tera.

“She could have been eventually because she was definitely on that side,” Kiefer countered.

“I am just saying,” said Tera her tone dropping back down.

“I am just saying,” said Kiefer, his voice doing the same.

“Listen, we can agree to disagree on certain people in the house,” said Tina trying to cool the situation down.

“If Austin was in this house it would not be me on the block,” said Tera.

“Austin wasn’t good for my game no matter what you say,” replied Kiefer.

“All I am saying is if we keep taking out all of the people who say they’re going for them (the trio) where does that leave us?” Tera asked.

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