Live Feed Update: Nominee: ‘I just want to sharpen my fangs and sink them into Daela’s neck.’

APRIL 14, 2018 | Posted By: jpowell

Live Feed Update: Nominee: ‘I just want to sharpen my fangs and sink them into Daela’s neck.’

John Powell – GlobalTV

One of this week’s nominees is out for blood.

HoH Derek has nominated Ryan and Johnny for eviction. This is the fourth week in a row that Ryan has been put on the block.

On the live feeds after the nomination ceremony Johnny monologued to a camera in one of the bedrooms.

“This is great. I am on the block. Such a good game that is falling apart but it is not over yet. I’ll be damned if I go out of this game without putting up a fight. I am so thirsty for revenge. I just want to sharpen my fangs and sink them into Daela’s neck so hard and take all of their blood. I would drink every single last drop until they are lifeless and out of this game. I am going to laugh evilly. Let’s hope I get the chance. Odds are though, I go home this week,” said a frustrated Johnny.

Earlier, Johnny spoke to Derek in the HoH room.

“I saw it coming,” said Johnny to Derek of his nomination.

“I just wanted to reiterate that I love you on a personal level and this is strictly game. I think people learned from last week to keep their mouths a little bit sealed. You and Ryan were the only names spoken. You even said that it would be a better game move for you to have one of the two of us here. In saying that, I knew there was a plan to put us up,” said Derek of himself and Kaela.

Derek explained that he did consider backdooring Johnny but he respects him as a player too much to do that to him especially after what happened to Erica.

“If you pull yourself off the block, win HoH and put Kaela and I up, we are just playing the game and that’s all it is,” said Derek.

“I have this great idea though. How about you just throw the Veto to me?” laughed Johnny as he left the HoH room.

Watch Erica’s After The Eviction Interview:

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