Live Feed Update: Paras, Kaela compare notes

MARCH 13, 2018 | Posted By: jpowell

Live Feed Update: Paras, Kaela compare notes

John Powell – GlobalTV

Meeting in the Have-Not Room, Paras and Kaela held a clandestine meeting and shared information, mostly about fellow houseguest Olivia.

Paras told Kaela that Olivia admitted she is misleading Kaela about many things.

Paras confessed she lied to Olivia and mentioned that Jesse was interested in her just so that they might “hook up” and give them another number to work with.

Olivia admitted to Paras she has no chemistry with Jesse and their conversations seem so forced. On the other side of things, when Jesse spoke to Paras about Olivia he complained about her “resting bitch face” and that she never engages in conversation with him in any meaningful way. He said in the real world if he got that reaction from a woman, he would just move on.

Paras and Kaela agreed they would have to resort to engaging Olivia personally to reel her in.

Paras discussed how Olivia doesn’t like Maddy because she feels she is moving in on Jesse. Paras and Kaela agreed Olivia is playing too emotionally.

“The thing is they are not getting together. There is nothing there,” exclaimed Paras.

Paras said Olivia gets mad at anyone who gets close to Jesse and even cornered her about her possible interest in him, which Paras denied.

“That is so weird,” said Kaela.

“She told me she is the jealous kind and doesn’t like to share her man with anyone,” said Paras. “She literally wants to put Maddy up because of Jesse.”

“If she sees me with Jesse, that is game over for me on her end,” Paras continued.

“Jesse cannot talk to any other girl in the entire house?” laughed Kaela.

“Yup,” answered Paras.

“That is never going to work. She is so insecure,” said Kaela.

“She must be a psycho girlfriend type of girl,” said Paras.

The women laughed.

“I am going to stay away from Jesse because I cannot risk her thinking I am getting between them,” said Paras. “Don’t push for Olivia and Jesse anymore as it just puts a target on my back.”

“Is Olivia after me?” asked Kaela.

Paras said she didn’t know.

“If I hear her talking about you or Jesse, I will tell you,” Kaela promised.

“She is probably fine with Erica talking to him because…,” started Kaela.

“…she doesn’t like penises,” finished Paras causing both the women to chuckle.

Kaela told Paras they need to stay close because they are exchanging information from both sides of the house. The two women agreed to protect each other if their names were ever brought up by their respective sides.

Near the end of their talk, Paras leaned into a cobweb which scared her. Both women laughed hysterically before joining the rest of the house.

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