Live Feed Update: Veto winner besieged by promises, pitches

Live Feed Update: Veto winner besieged by promises, pitches

MAY 1, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Tera ‘The Tiger’ is in control of her own destiny, for now.

Tera, who was nominated alongside Kiefer by HoH Tychon, won the Power of Veto. With only four houseguests left, it is not only guaranteed that she will take herself off the block but she will be the sole vote to evict as well.

As the houseguests were getting ready for the day, Breydon and Kiefer both cornered Tera about her potentially game making or breaking decision.

Breydon made his pitch speaking to Tera in the kitchen.

“This puts you in a hard spot,” said Breydon.

“Would you actually cut Tychon?” asked Tera.

“Absolutely. That is what I said yesterday,” replied Breydon.

“I honestly don’t know what Tychon would do. I feel like he would cut me and take you,” said Tera.

Breydon disagreed.

“I think he thinks he can still beat you. Just let him think that,” advised Breydon saying that Tera has a strong argument to win the game as well.

Breydon reminded Tera of what a challenge threat Kiefer has been.

To Tera, Tychon is good at mental and physical competitions though.

“You are just like that as well,” said Breydon.

“I just need to be sure that you would cut him (Tychon) because I know you guys are close,” asked Tera again.

Again, Breydon promised he would. He can separate game from personal.

“Kiefer will want to keep Tychon because he has been working with him for so long,” said Breydon.

Later on, Kiefer chatted with Tera in the OLG Room trying to persuade her not to cut him.

“I think Breydon can get more jury votes than me but your game is also crazy strong too. My only reservation with you is I don’t know if you would pick Tychon over me because of what happened at the double eviction,” said Tera to Kiefer.

Kiefer claimed that Tychon “snaked” him during the double and he doesn’t want to keep someone like that at the end.

“Beth told me something before she left. She was pretty adamant that both you and Breydon have final two deals with Tychon,” said Tera.

Kiefer denied that saying the only final two he has ever had is with Tera.

“To me, it has always been you and me against them,” said Kiefer.

Tera told Kiefer she felt betrayed when they voted her out over Beth. That forced Tera to fight her way back into the game.

“Jedson also told me that Kiefer is ‘for the boys’. I don’t know if that’s your thing or not,” said Tera.

“That pisses me off. Why would I work so closely with you and Tina then?” Kiefer responded saying he only voted out Tera because he didn’t want to go against Tychon as HoH.

“He was just in power and then he was in power again. What am I going to do?” said Kiefer.

Just before the feeds went down for the season, Arisa called all of the houseguests to the living room for a surprise announcement.

“If you are thinking I am here to make another major announcement, you are right. You knew this day was coming. The final four is about to become the final three. Welcome to a special eviction,” she said.

Don’t miss Monday or Wednesday’s episodes of Big Brother to find out who the final three are and the two hour finale on Thursday at 8 PM ET to see who wins Big Brother Canada.