Maddy: Kaela’s opportunity to win has passed

MAY 4, 2018 | Posted By: jpowell

Maddy: Kaela’s opportunity to win has passed

John Powell – GlobalTV

Kaela may still be in the running to win this season of Big Brother Canada but according to juror Maddy Poplett, it is a question of too little, too late for the wine ambassador.

“I hope that Kaela follows me to the jury house. I think that her opportunity to win the game, get herself a resume building move has passed. She is naïve to think that Derek will take her to final three. He will give himself what he perceives to be the easiest path and she is not included in that. I think she made a mistake way earlier than she thought,” said Maddy of Kaela’s game.

Before she was voted out of the house, live feeders saw Maddy grill both Kaela and Derek in an admitted devious attempt to get them to turn on one another.

“I wanted a clear look at their games before hearing the jury house’s opinion. I also wanted to stir things up! I really felt like after speaking to Kaela, although she has played a great game and a strong game, I do feel like she is wrapped up in her own story as opposed to others and I think that she was very naïve in not cutting Derek in the final five. I wanted to let Derek know that she thinks she’s playing him like a fiddle I wanted her to explain herself to me so I could get the full look at how she performed. Selfishly, I hope Derek does cut her at final four. I wanted to stoke that fire a little bit,” she confessed as she explained her own admittedly muted gameplay.

John Powell: Last night you told Arisa that you would have been the most mediocre winner. Why didn’t you play a more aggressive game or could you have?

Maddy Poplett: (Laughs) “That is a great question. I just like to call things how they are. I do think there are points that I could have made applicable had I made it to final two. I expected to be a lot bolder with my gameplay. It is interesting that when I got down to it, I was a more patient and hesitant than I would have expected. There were times where I felt out of my league. I know being chosen for this game means you have got it, somehow. If I had played more aggressively I don’t know if I would have made it as far as I did. I was targeted because I’ve got a little bit of an unmovable personality. A lot of people thought they wouldn’t be able to get me to do what they wanted. Had I been more defiant and much more vocal about my opinions of the people and of the game, I think that it would have been even more of a target on my back. Playing defensively is what I ended up doing. Sometimes the defensive win is not the big sparkly win that some people look for watching the show.”

John Powell: In your estimation who was the true leader of the trio or was there one?

Maddy Poplett: “I don’t know if I necessarily feel like there was a “leader”. I think people had different roles. Unfortunately, if there was a leader I wouldn’t think it would be me. We all had different qualities that complemented each other in the house. I feel like Paras had the best grasp of the overall social environment but sometimes I feel like I was more sensible despite all the emotions that you did see. I think that sometimes a sensible outlook and an experienced game outlook, because I spent so much of my spare time watching the show, is important. Will had a great social game and he kind of made us look good sometimes if there was a necessary time to do that.”

John Powell: Speaking about emotion, were sympathy or tears a purposeful and intentional strategy for you? We did see you wink at the camera a few times.

Maddy Poplett: “I can’t say that all of my tears were crocodile tears. I cried a lot but that being true, it worked to my advantage. I could stretch it out longer. Your emotions are right on the surface at any moment in that house. For me to launch into a bunch of tears may not have been authentic but it certainly looked like it due to all the other authentic crying I was doing. It was certainly all not for show. I genuinely cried a lot.”

John Powell: Of the people who are left who do you think is playing the best game and who do you think is playing the worst?

Maddy Poplett: “Okay. Good question. I don’t think anyone in the “final four” is playing a bad game. Television-wise, there are bolder games than others and all that stuff. From an insider’s perspective anybody who makes it this far is a strong game player. When I used to watch I would beg to differ but now that I’ve experienced it, anybody in that house right now is playing a great game. I think that playing the best game is Derek. He is the most well rounded player in the house due to competition wins and social game. I don’t believe comp wins entitle someone to a victory. When it comes down to it, the quintessential Big Brother check list, Derek is doing the best job.”

John Powell: You are a juror so does the game continue for you in the jury house and if so how?

Maddy Poplett: (Laughs) You betcha! I no longer have to cater to those people. That is over! All of the hesitation, all of the holding back that I have done in the house is done now. I know I have to live with them but I have no intentions of withholding any of my opinions when it comes down to it. There are some wonderful people left in that house who in their own ways deserve the win but will I be twisting it so the win goes to my preference? Yup!”

Watch Maddy’s After The Eviction Interview:

Next Wednesday catch a special eviction episode and find out who advances to BBCAN6’s final three. The two-hour season finale of Big Brother Canada airs next Thursday.



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