Get To Know Martin “Marty” Frenette

Get To Know Martin “Marty” Frenette

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 | Posted By: Staff

Name: Martin “Marty” Frenette

Age: 43

Pronouns: He/Him

Zodiac: Capricorn

Hometown: Petit-Rocher, N.B.

Occupation: Fraud Investigator

Relationship Status: Married

What is your strategy going into the house?

Stay flexible, read and react to what is happening. Win every comp! Be true to my word until it’s time to make a move, and backstab if I need to – but hopefully that later in the game.

Why do you think you were selected to be on BBCAN10?

Everybody loves Marty! I am a nice guy, very sociable. I don’t take myself seriously. I am a very active person, I have an interesting job, I coach hockey, and I wrote three books. I also overcame a lot to get to where I am today after suffering an accident at work and dealing with PTSD. I also have a nice French accent haha!

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you?

Being away from my family for a long time and speaking in my second language 24/7.

How do you want people to remember you as a player on BBCAN?

I want to be remembered as a great player! Maybe even more than winning. If you ask me about past seasons, most of the players I love didn’t even win. Being referred to as a BBCAN legend would be the best compliment someone could give me. BBCAN winner would be awesome too!


Fill in the Blank:

My biggest pet peeve is: someone who doesn’t make their bed in the morning.

My happy place is: anywhere with my wife.

My biggest fear is: snakes!

My greatest strength is: perseverance.

My dream vacation is: Hawaii.

My most prized possession is: a little balloon I got when I was 10 when my grandmother passed away.

My favourite hobby is: coaching hockey.

Most spontaneous thing I’ve done is: applying for Big Brother Canada.

If I could only eat one thing in the house, it would be: pizza.

A fact about me that surprises people is: I’m not always as confident as people think.

I get along best with people who: are simple, chill and like to have fun.

My friends/family would describe me as someone who: likes to have fun, plays pranks, has a lot of determination, and is a good person.

A personal accomplishment I am most proud of is: when I returned to school after my work accident in 2001, I started everything back from 10th grade all the way to my Bachelor’s degree.


Rapid Fire (choose the answer for yourself):

Hero or villain? Hero

Competition beast or floater? Comp beast!

No sleep or no food? No sleep

Intellectual skills or physical strength? Both ha! Double threat

Backstab your alliance or stay true to your word? Stay true to my word

Gut instinct or pure intellect? Pure intellect

Showmance or nomance? Nomance – I’m already married to the most incredible woman on earth! A bromance would be cool though…