Newest juror: ‘The block is not for the weak!’

Newest juror: ‘The block is not for the weak!’

MAY 5, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Her bootay got the boot. Renee Mior, the 24-year-old law student from Vaughn, Ontario, was finally voted out of the Big Brother Canada house after being nominated for eviction five times. Basically, Renee was on the block for half of the game thus far. The resilient blockstar spoke to us from the jury house about all of her trials and tribulations.

John Powell: What was it like to be on the block five times?

Renee Mior: Oh, my gosh! You know what? The block is not for the weak! It was definitely the lowest point or the lowest space you can be in. In the game, you feel at the bottom of the food chain. You feel like people might be out for you or not out for you or they just see you as disposable. A lot of your insecurities come into play. It’s not an easy experience but I used it to my advantage because it showed me a different side of the game. I had to talk to a lot of people because I was on the block campaigning and I got to see how people treated me at the bottom so I knew how to respond accordingly if I did come into power and when I did come into power.

John Powell: How did you cope with the stress each and every time?

Renee Mior: I just try to dance my way through everything! Music was a big thing. I would always be in the HoH room dancing it up or making jokes and making light of the situation. I have a very kind of self-deprecating sense of humor so I kind of use that a lot to to make the experience seem more light and fun. At the end of the day, even if no one’s rooting for me, I know my family is rooting for me back home.

John Powell: Why do you think you were targeted so often?

Renee Mior: Yeah, that’s an interesting one because I thought I came off as being in my own space. A ‘don’t hurt me’ kind of thing from the beginning so I didn’t think people were going to find that too threatening. Early on with being Dead Last and thrown on the block the week after, I really had to show people my assets as a player. I had to start showing my cards. That strategy spooked some people for sure.

John Powell: Looking back, what do you think your biggest mistake was?

Renee Mior: It’s interesting because I think mistake-wise maybe I wouldn’t have let go of Kuzie so early, however, with the circumstances I was in and how late information came out, it was really a toss-up of who I was going to get rid of. However, Daniel C was the one who ended up winning over me on the block and Anika was the one who pulled the final trigger. So, definitely I wish maybe I let go of one of them a bit earlier or targeting them on my week.

John Powell: Of the Girly Pops, who was your true ride-or-die and why?

Renee Mior: In terms of ride-or-die it was really, really interesting. I think the natural bond and the person that I was connected with instantaneously from the start was Shanaya. My heart kind of goes there and I probably would have wanted to be more ride-or-die with her. However, I didn’t really end up looking at them either of them. By the middle of the game I was really questioning who was going to be my ride-or-die. It was really a big toss-up and I think had we made it farther into the final five it was going to be a 50-50 chance. I was planning to make that decision a little later down the line. So, in terms of ride-or-die, naturally I feel like Shanaya just because of how we had to play the game from the beginning together but it would have been a toss-up.

John Powell: What drew the Girly Pops together?

Renee Mior: I think there was a natural connection. We all kind went through a little moment that left us at the bottom. So, I think making light of that and our energies and just how much we like to joke, spend a lot of time in the bathroom and chatting and gossiping just naturally drew us together and we ran with it.

John Powell: Why didn’t you backdoor Ty when you had the opportunity to do so?

Renee Mior: On my week specifically it was a little bit of an odd toss-up because if I left him off the block there’s only a very slim chance that he wouldn’t get picked for the PoV and knowing my luck, I feel like he would have been picked for the PoV. So, leaving him off the block was a little more risky to me because I really felt like he would have used it and try to pull something. He would have pulled Kuzie down and then I would have been in a predicament. He would have forced my hand on my week and I didn’t want to give him that power. I put him straight up. I gave him the chance to fight and then it played out the way it did.

John Powell: What did you think of Claudia and Ty’s relationship?

Renee Mior: Claudia and Ty are an interesting duo to me because they are the showmance that are never on the same page. They can’t even agree on how to toast their bread in the morning for breakfast so trying working with them! (laughs) I tried to get them onto the same page but they’re truthfully never ever on the same page. They’re trying to get to the same chapter, at least, but they were always so at odds with their perspectives on the game, how they play the game, who they wanted to align themselves with. That is definitely one of the rockiest showmances I’ve seen but it made for great entertainment being in the middle of it.

John Powell: Who do you think Claudia’s true loyalties were with, Ty or the Girly Pops?

Renee Mior: I think Claudia was going to give her loyalty to whoever she felt safest with in the moment. I feel like throughout the season there’s been a lot of times that she’s been quick to question me like on the Invisible HoH week. There were a lot of talks apparently of her potentially throwing me up on her week and not keeping me safe because she really thought I was the Invisible HoH. At one time it was the Girly Pops because we were doing so well and we came into power for a couple weeks and then near the end the competitions really do matter. I think she found more safety with Ty so she she tossed her loyalty over there in the end.

John Powell: Who do you help follows you into the jury house and why?

Renee Mior: I kind of want Anika to follow me. I feel that she was the kind of person that people wanted to get out later because she was comparable to me in competitions…I didn’t see her game as much in the house and we didn’t connect in the house on a game level and she threw me under the bus! She was one of the daggers that ended my game. I wouldn’t mind if she followed me.

John Powell: What are some of the qualities are you looking for in a winner?

Renee Mior: I want to see resiliency. I want to see aggressiveness but not in your typical way like winning competitions. I think that is one way to show aggressiveness. I think how you played the game behind the scenes and what moves you were involved in matters too. I am a die-hard fan! I am a strategist at heart! I want to see some of those qualities in a finalist. I want them to embody the energy that the season was.

Tune in next Tuesday to see who is the new Head of Household. Next Wednesday is a special eviction show and Thursday is the two-hour season finale.

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