Week 10 Evictee, Kiefer Collison, Did it All for His Family

Week 10 Evictee, Kiefer Collison, Did it All for His Family

MAY 6, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

So close yet so far. Kiefer Collison, the radio host from British Columbia, fought well and fought hard all season long. Unable to win a crucial Power of Veto competition though Kiefer found himself voted out by one of his closest allies: Tera. Yes, his Big Brother resume was THAT good. Kiefer though isn’t dwelling on the past, in fact, he told Global TV that Tera is his favourite to win.

John Powell: Kiefer, I have to ask you before we get started, have you been “Kiefing it real”?

Kiefer Collison: (Laughs) “Yes! My days are filled with love and peace!” (Laughs)

John Powell:  You and Tara have been working together since the start of the game. Are you surprised that she chose to cut you?

Kiefer Collison: “No, I’m not surprised at all. I don’t think she had a chance in the world of beating me in any final two scenario. She’s a smart lady. She’s there for a reason. I think she made the right choice cutting me because honestly I wouldn’t have taken her in any final two scenario.”

John Powell: Who do you hope is the next member of jury and why?

Kiefer Collison: “That’s a really tough question because I don’t really care who it is. (Laughs) I think all three are deserving of winning this game and they’ve all played stellar games in my eyes. I’ve been tightly aligned with all three of them but I would prefer to see either Tychon or Tera.”

John Powell: Tara’s on her second chance at the game. She was voted out and she won her way back in. Will that be a factor for you if she makes it to the end?

Kiefer Collison: ”If Tera is sitting in the final two she’s won the game. She rewrote history. She struggled and she survived the block against some heavy hitters. She’s won when she needed to. She took out Jedsen and she took out me so her resume speaks for itself. She’s got my vote if she can find herself in the finals but she has got an uphill battle for sure.”

John Powell: If you could, rate the gameplay of the final three starting with Tera.

Kiefer Collison: “Tera has been a straight shooter the entire game and it’s pretty hard to be a straight shooter in a game like Big Brother. I think Tera has played a stellar game. She’s been in survival mode for a long time, pretty much the entire second half of the game. Now, she is in the final three. I would rate her right at the top.”

“At the other end of the spectrum is Tychon who hasn’t really ever been in survival mode. He’s never touched the block but it is a daunting task never to see the block. That in itself is a great feat. I would rank him right up there with Tera.”

“Breydon is trailing behind them both. He has played a great social game. I love that kid as he is a salt of the earth kind of person. I would basically do anything for him. I would even vouch for his game here in the jury.”


John Powell: It was really insightful hearing you talk about your culture, your way of life back home. How important was it for you to share that with the other houseguests and Canada? What do you hope viewers take away from what you have been able to share with them?

Kiefer Collison: “It was very important. Being the only indigenous person in the house, I couldn’t share the load with anyone else so I really knew that I had to share my experiences, especially based on how people are portrayed in the media sometimes. I wanted to have a very positive outlook because I’ve had a very positive experience. I want people to take away that we are an accepting culture. I talked about Haida Gwaii as being a very accepting place. That’s how our culture is.”

“I don’t want people to have anything to fear. There’s a lot of guilt about what’s transpired through Canada’s history. We need to remove that guilt and start accepting people into our culture because culture is ever evolving. Culture and tradition though are two different things. Our culture needs to evolve just like Canada has evolved. If I can bridge that gap and show people that we are accepting by sharing our stories, our way of life with them then we can remove that guilt. I hope someday we can all celebrate together with our cultures and traditions mixed in a complete Canada.”


John Powell: Do you think you played a well-rounded game and what was your fatal flaw?

Kiefer Collison: “It was an honour to go out in the final four spot with such legends. I wouldn’t win the game if I stayed any longer. I don’t think I had too many flaws but maybe I was overconfident and overzealous at times. That got me on the block during Jedson’s HoH.  I just can’t change that about myself. I knew that was going to be trouble going in.  I was expecting it. I didn’t see it quite as a flaw but more of a speed bump. I think I played a great well-rounded game. I’m really proud of the game that I played and how I represented and upheld myself. I didn’t expect to be so emotional. Maybe I could have cried just a little bit less.” (Laughs)

John Powell: Why did you vote out Tera and not Beth?

Kiefer Collison: “I was also working with Tychon and I didn’t want to go against his wishes when he was HoH. He was pushing hard for Tera. If I went against him, it would have created a rift with Tychon coming after me if Tera had stayed. I thought that Breydon and I could take out Tychon and Beth later on.”

John Powell:  How will you pick a winner?

Kiefer Collison: “Well, they’ve all played similar games and it is going to come down to who wins and who they decide to sit next to. I think the jury questions are the more important than ever this season because there are so many people who are undecided.”

John Powell: We saw you speak a lot about your family and your children in the house. What message do you hope they take away from your time on Big Brother?

Kiefer Collison: “Oh, I hope they take away a message of resilience and of not giving up. It would have been so easy to just quit and give up in that house. I chose to get back up and fight even though I wanted to quit so bad at times. I also want them to realize that hard work does pay off and I was there for them. I hope they realize that everything I’ve done was for them and their future. I can’t wait to see them.”


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