Paras’ BBCAN6 Resume

MAY 9, 2018 | Posted By: Staff

Paras’ BBCAN6 Resume

Paras Atashnak – 23, Vancouver BC, Law Student

To become the winner of BBCAN6


Relevant Experience:
Social Manipulation
Paras’ strength lies in her social game. Her ability to survive week after week with every outcome in her favour is a testament to the hard social hours she put into her game. Paras’ ability to manipulate key members of the house and keep her alliance members off the block deserves a head nod from even the best players.

One-Timer Club
Paras kept herself off the block for 8 consecutive weeks by not appearing as though she was a threat to anyone’s game. Week over week Paras made herself important to those who were important, and in doing so was able to avoid the block, even as a pawn.

The Stupid Card
The houseguests never knew just how much of a superfan Paras is, and still do not know that she is studying to become a lawyer. Her strategy to go in as a bubbly player paid off, as thus far no one has caught on to just what she is capable of.

Paras may be seen by the jury as a player who has not won many competitions or made big moves. It will be up to her to convince them that her social game is what brought her to the end.

Effective team player
Collaborative and communicative
Fiercely Intellectual

The Real Deal
The Seven
Secret Three
The Six



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