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Pretty jury member promises to fight for the Boys

Pretty jury member promises to fight for the Boys

MAY 3, 2019 | Posted By: STAFF

John Powell –

He may be out of the Big Brother house but the first Pretty Boy to be evicted from the house this season has not finished playing the game.

“The game for me is very much alive right now. It is actually my duty to let the rest of the houseguests know that this entire season they were being played by the Pretty Boys and here’s how it all went down. I was the only one in on the brotherhood, nobody else was. It is my duty to let them know so we can come to a fair decision about who deserves to win this game,” said Mark.

As far as which Pretty Boy he believes is playing the best game Mark has a definite favourite and also a strong opinion of how he thinks outsider Kyra has done this season.

“The person playing the best game is probably Dane. Dane is set-up in a situation where if he can win this HoH he will take down Adam and that will be good for his game. The worst game I would say is Kyra. Kyra unfortunately even though they will claim they fought really hard to stay in the game, they didn’t. The Pretty Boys made the decision a long time ago that we were going to take them to final five. Every single person who left that house has a Pretty Boy stamp on them. We ran the entire season. The game was over for everyone as soon as they walked through those doors,” said Mark.

One of Mark’s controversial strategic moves this season was putting his Pretty Boy pal Adam on the block during his HoH. It is a move Mark does not regret.

John Powell: Do you regret trying to target Adam during your HoH?

Mark Drelich: “I had to target Adam when I put him up on the block. A lot of that was a double strategy.  Obviously one was to potentially get Adam out if things went my way but also it was to throw off the house that there was a boys’ alliance. People were questioning where Dane’s loyalty was at. Where was Adam’s loyalty? A lot of things were not adding up. Throwing Adam up on the block was amazing. It really threw off the house. If I would have been able to take out Adam that would have been huge.”

John Powell: If at all, how much do you think that HoH hurt your game?

Mark Drelich: “Not at all. In fact, I think I played it fairly well. There were reasons why I put up Damien against Adam. Once Adam went down I put up Este because those were numbers against me. It didn’t matter how good they were at competitions. Those were two votes that were always against me. Getting rid of one of them was the better play. Unfortunately, the HoH didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. There was the Secret Assassin but what can you do? That is Big Brother. You have to expect the unexpected.”

John Powell: Why do you think the Pretty Boys voted to keep Dane rather than yourself?

Mark Drelich: “There is a bit of strategy involved in that. You have to think of it this way, it is actually better for Anthony’s game to keep Dane in the house. Dane stays. Adam wins the next HoH. He is going to gun for Dane first rather than Anthony. It is a bit of a pecking order. It is also better if I go for Kyra because what they have done is hedge their bets and they are guaranteed now to be taken to final two.”

John Powell: No matter how this season ends you have to be proud of the accomplishments of the Pretty Boys.

Mark Drelich: “We created a legacy. We didn’t make final four. We fell a bit short but we created a legacy. We created history of a brotherhood, a culture, a style. This will never be replicated again. People will try to imitate us but the Pretty Boys was a one-shot opportunity. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Nothing like this will ever happen again. We were, we are, we will always be a legacy.”

John Powell: What do you think is the best move that the Pretty Boys made during the season?

Mark Drelich: “I think the best move was taking out Maki. Not only were we able to get rid of a very strong player but we were also able to create a divide in the house. That made things a lot easier. If you examine the trajectory of the season aside from Sam and Chelsea, every single person who voted Maki to stay one by one, they all left the house.”

John Powell: What do you think you brought to the Pretty Boys alliance?

Mark Drelich: “My role was very much behind the scenes. My job was to pass information to Adam, Anthony and Dane. Adam was very wrapped up with Sam. Dane was wrapped up with Este. When I heard something that didn’t match with what they heard, I shared that with them. I was able to have a different relationship because I was always viewed as a wild card. A wild card could be a good thing or a bad thing. I was able to be another voice in their heads. I did hold my ground in PoV competitions too. I may have not won the Competition Beast Hall of Fame but I held the lead behind.”

John Powell: What if anything did you learn about yourself on Big Brother?

Mark Drelich: (Laughs) “I learned that it is okay as a 29-year-old man to cry publicly on national television.” (Laughs)

John Powell: Who do you want to follow you into the jury house and why?

Mark Drelich: “It would be great for Adam to follow me into the jury house just for the shock value alone! Adam is a freak of nature! The guy is a competition beast. When it is crunch time he will win any challenge. If he gets voted out that would be the biggest…Ha! Ha! Ha!…ever.”