Santina makes her move

Santina makes her move

MARCH 15, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Santina’s nominations aren’t a mystery any longer. After days of gathering clues, gathering opinions and gauging the barometer of the house she has nominated DJ Dan Szabo and investment advisor Anika Mysha for eviction.

As the first Deadlast Twist victim, Renee, the law student, is also on the block.

Awarded the Belairdirect Eviction Protection Insurance power by viewers Claudia cannot be nominated this week.

Both Dan and Anika expressed an interest in working with, supporting Santina which is why their nominations came as a shock to them.

“Is it the luck of the draw and that I talked to you last?” asked a bewildered DJ Dan.

“That’s just what it is,” said Santina in response.

Although he appreciated Santina’s honesty DJ Dan was not pleased with her decision to target him.

“It is very, very rare that I get angry but in this moment I am definitely feeling pretty disappointed and just caught off-guard by the whole thing,” said a dejected DJ Dan.

Anika met with Santina before nominations pledging her loyalty to her.

“I can guarantee you if other people are talking behind your back, I will tell you. If you want to work together, I will 100 per cent,” she told Santina. “If you don’t nominate me I will play with you through and through. You can trust me 100 per cent.”

It remains to be seen if Santina’s choices have made her enemies in the house or has being the first HoH and all the awkwardness and that comes with that bought her some kind of amnesty from the other houseguests going into next week? Only time will tell.

In the end, Anika and DJ Dan may not be Santina’s true targets after all. There has been a push to have John Michael backdoored. Anika offered him up during her chat with Santina.

“John Michael, he’s playing a very good game. He has a very strong personality and he is very game, game, game,” she said.

Anika wasn’t the only one pushing for John Michael to hit the block. Zach was as well in coaching Santina through her HoH.

“I only see one person who wants to divide the house. In more simple terms, cancer spreads. If you don’t cut it out immediately it starts to grow,” he advised her about John Michael.

Zach and his allies (Ty, Jonathan and Roberto) have invited Santina into their alliance. Although he isn’t the HoH, Zach firmly believes he can steer Santina in the direction he wants her to go in, which is getting rid of John Michael. John Michael made the critical mistake of telling not only Zach but also Santina that if he won HoH he would have targeted the group Zach is in.

“We have influence over Santina. She is here to prove something to herself and she has a similar mindset with the people in this room. That is the read I have got,” he told the others.

One of the guiding principles of Big Brother is that if no one is talking strategy or game with you, you are probably the next target. John Michael has been noticing that he is being left out of game talk and he doesn’t fully trust Santina even though she promised him safety.

“Everyone keeps reassuring me that it isn’t going to be me. I am not 100 per cent certain,” he told Hope.

“I feel like there is this facade up and I don’t know if that’s how everyone feels. She is a little bit elusive in her answers with me and I don’t like that,” John Michael said about his meetings with Santina.

Whether the John Michael plan comes to fruition or not will depend on who wins the Power of Veto and what they decide to do with it. Stay tuned and watch Wednesday’s episode to find out who wins the power.

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