The Game Gets Messy

The Game Gets Messy

MARCH 30, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

“This game is a mess. It is a mess right now,” said flustered Santina to us in the Diary Room and boy, she was right.

The Big Brother game has taken some big twists and turns this week forcing everyone to realign their targets and their games.

The first big surprise was that Vanessa had decided to go back to her family and leave the Big Brother experience.

“Houseguests, I want to update you all on Vanessa. She had to leave the house and won’t be returning to the game. She is okay and is on the way to her family,” the houseguests were told in a special announcement.

The houseguests were also informed of the fact that as HoH Kuzie had just one hour to name a replacement nomination.

“Hearing that Vanessa has left the game makes me really sad but I don’t have a lot of time to think of a new nominee. I need to think fast and act now,” said a frantic Kuzie.

Following through with her goal of breaking up the Ty, Zach and Santina alliance, Kuzie asked Hope for his permission to nominate him with the thought that he could easily win the Power of Veto and his nomination would ruffle the least amount of feathers in the house.

“It has to be someone who is going to go with the plan and follow my lead,” said Kuzie mulling things over.

“Whatever you need to do, I am ready!” said Hope affirming his loyalty to not only Kuzie but her plan.

Daniel, who has been working with Zach from the start, met with Anika and Kuzie then repeated everything back to Zach privately.

“This is such a big mistake for her game,” sighed Zach wanting Renee to go up instead.

Meanwhile, Hope revealed to Zach and Ty that he was one of the rogue votes last week to regain their trust.

“I was the fourth vote,” he admitted.

“I appreciate that you are honest about it,” said a grateful Zach. Hope told the pair that they could vote him out next week if they wished to do so but that was just a smoke screen.

“It is actually all a lie. I am here to stay and I am here to win the whole game!” laughed Hope in the Diary Room.

Hope won the Power of Veto competition and changed his tune soon afterwards with Ty and Zach. He was ready to burn bridges and make a big move. He was tired of being everyone’s puppet.

“I don’t care anymore. I feel invincible!” he said to the other houseguests.

Unable to bend Hope to their will Zach and Ty resorted to desperate measures.

“I have something on this guy that can get him disqualified from this game. I swear on my life,” said Ty to Zach.

“The letter?” asked Zach.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Hope did indeed save himself.

“I came here to show Canada that I am a competitor. This is for you, Canada!” he said with a smile.

Kuzie then closed the trap on Zach.

“I want to take the shot but I want to promise you that my shots land,” she said nominating him.

Zach vowed to fight on.

“Everyone has been sleepwalking through this game. I am here to play. Let’s go!” he said.

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