The Mystery of the Rogue Votes

The Mystery of the Rogue Votes

MARCH 28, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Rogue votes are at the heart of this week’s chaos in the Big Brother house.

Last week, gym manager Roberto Lopez was voted out by a margin of 7 to 4. Ty, Claudia, Zach, Anika, Daniel, Shanaya and Kuzie voted for him to leave. Hope, Jonathan, Santina and Vanessa wanted him to stay…or did they?

Rob’s close friends Jonathan and Santina were expected to stay loyal to him so those votes were accounted for. It is Hope and Vanessa’s votes which have the other houseguests scratching their heads and pointing fingers at each other. What the amateur sleuths don’t know is that Hope and Vanessa’s rogue votes were deliberate attempts to throw everyone off their games.

“I sure do stir up the pot around here,” laughed Vanessa.

Vanessa wasn’t chuckling though when Ty and Santina decided to get to the bottom of things by questioning her. Vanessa successfully refuted their allegations though.

“I am going to keep the story going. I am going to deny until I die,” she said in the Diary Room.

Hope also admitted his subterfuge in the safety of the Diary Room.

“Listen, Canada. I was the rogue vote! Roberto was my friend from Day One so I had to show him some loyalty….A little bit of chaos never hurt anyone,” he said rubbing his hands with glee.

Kuzie, the 9-1-1 operator from British Columbia, won Croquet All Day to become the new Head of Household.

Anika, Claudia, Renee and Shanaya joined forces with Kuzie while Kuzie maintained her alternate alliance with Daniel and Anika.

Kuzie targeted Santina because she is not only a threat to her game but she cannot trust her.

“I thought that you were going to play alongside me but you picked a side. The side that you picked I don’t think I am on,” she said in the Diary Room in response to Santina’s campaign.

At the ceremony Kuzie also made her reasons pretty clear.

“Vanessa, I have chosen to nominate you because you are a strong player in this game. Your gameplay, however, I don’t understand at all,” said Kuzie.

Kuzie called Santina a “force to be reckoned with” and explained to both women that they have been nominated because they are threats to her game.

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