The Week Seven evicted houseguest is…

The Week Seven evicted houseguest is…

APRIL 20, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

All Hope is gone…from the Big Brother Canada house.

Hope Agbolosoo, the skills coach from Ontario, is moving into the jury house.

This week’s nomination was Hope’s fourth time on the block meaning there were only three weeks when Hope wasn’t nominated, didn’t face eviction.

Hope wasn’t the original target though. Head of Household Claudia had intended to send Ty packing. Ty though came through in the clutch when he had to winning the Power of Veto.

“You guys messed up. You should have backdoored me,” declared a happy Ty in the diary room.

“This is the worst case scenario. Of course Ty would win the veto,” said a dejected Claudia.

Left with just Daniel, Anika and Kuzie to choose from Claudia took her shot at Kuzie.

“I think Kuzie is definitely the biggest threat out of those three but it could also be a big risk. If I am going to make a move like that I need to know I have the full support of the house,” said Claudia in the diary room.

The vote didn’t turn out Claudia’s way though as Ty was the only vote to keep Hope in the game over Kuzie.

Hope explained to executive producer, host Arisa Cox one of the reasons why he ended up getting voted out.

“I learned a huge lesson. When it comes to anything in the world communication is key. You have to make sure you communicate with your teammates. This whole time I thought I was playing by myself but I should have stuck with the team,” he said.

In the battle for the next Head of Household, Renee won the position of power.

Who will she nominate for eviction? Tune in next Tuesday to find out.

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