The Week Six evicted houseguest is…

The Week Six evicted houseguest is…

APRIL 13, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

It was hook, line and sinker for the Newfoundland fisherman.

Jonathan Leonard has become the second member of the Big Brother jury. This week’s vote went down alliance lines as Crown members Daniel, Anika and Kuzie voted for Jonathan and Claudia, Renee and Shanaya all voted for Hope.

Santina was the deciding vote sending Jonathan to jury.

“Either way, I lost. If I had to stay I would have lost my brother (Hope) in there. I am just grateful right now. It is hard to feel as if I lost or won. I am just grateful to be able to experience everything with those people in there,” said Jonathan to host/executive producer Arisa Cox.

Although he won’t be one of the finalists Jonathan is proud to have represented all of Newfoundland.

“I represented Newfoundland proud! I tried to represent my province as best that I could,” he said.

In the Circle K Trivia Showdown the house continued to be divided down alliance lines with the Crown and Claudia, Renee and Shanaya targeting each other in the elimination challenge.

Kuzie won though becoming HoH for the second time this season.

Arisa promised that this week would be a game-changer.

“The houseguests will be shaken to the core when they all learn they will all be sitting down for a fatal feast that one of them will not survive. Yes, someone is going home on Tuesday,” warned Arisa.

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