Third Jury Member: ‘I trusted people who I really shouldn’t have’

APRIL 25, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Third Jury Member: ‘I trusted people who I really shouldn’t have’

By John Powell –

Stuck between a rock and a hard place during both of her HoH reigns Avery Martin didn’t know which way to turn and which ally to believe. The videographer from Selkirk, Manitoba, is now reflecting on her choices in the jury house and wondering how things went so very wrong for her and her game.

John Powell: Avery, thanks very much for taking the time to talk to us today. How are you doing?

Avery Martin: I am doing great! I’m on top of the world! I just lived out a dream of mine! I have nothing bad to say. It was awesome!

John Powell: You worked the house hard while you were on the block. Why do you think they didn’t keep you in the end?

Avery Martin: I did! I did work the house pretty hard on my way out! I feel like when it came down to the nitty-gritty I’m not ashamed to say I was the best player in the house! I think it just came down to my own alliance being scared of me and they knew that if they brought me to the end that I was going to beat them. I think it just came down to my own alliance just being scared that I would beat them at the end and I’ll take that as a compliment.

John Powell: Why do you think they kept you over Bayleigh?

Avery Martin: I think that when it comes down to game I’m a really good competitor but so is she. I think that because I had those two HoHs and because my social game was really good, they were just kind of spooked of me. I think that she had a little bit more going on then she led on. When it came down to game I just had the upper hand and I think that just spooked people.

John Powell: Do you feel you had more influence over the house than her?

Avery Martin: I want to say I did. I feel like it was because me and Spicy had like seven alliances on the go. (laughs) I was having those conversations with different parts of the house when it came to alliances. I have to admit, and I have to give the respect to Bayleigh., she is a really good social player. She really put in the work. She definitely deserves to be there.

John Powell: Spicy voted for you to stay. What did that vote mean to you?

Avery Martin: It meant the world to me! Spicy was my Number One since Night One! I even told her before the vote I knew I was going home. I knew I didn’t have the votes. I told her if she didn’t want to keep me to keep her own game safe I would understand. I just knew telling her that she would do what was best for her game. In the end, she still gave me that vote, that sympathy vote. I have to say it really touched my heart. It really meant a lot to me and I’m going love her forever. We’re going to be friends forever.

John Powell: On your HoH Matt went home and then Kayla went home. What were the determining factors in you nominating them? They were your allies.

Avery Martin: When it comes to Matt I feel like we had a very good personal relationship but we weren’t an alliance together. When it comes to Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate agreed that we needed to get other people in our alliance so that we wouldn’t draw any suspicions towards us if we had any group meetings. At the end of the day it really was just a cover. I was only doing that to protect Hot Chocolate to make sure that Hot Chocolate was safe.

When it comes to Kayla, I put her up on the block because I really did think she was coming after me. When you’re in the Big Brother house you just have to go off of the information that you’re being fed. I was being fed information from people who I thought I could trust. I put her on the block for those reasons.

I also put her up there because I was working really close with Bayleigh. We were in an alliance together. I really trusted her 10 per cent in that house. Her and Spicy were terrified that Kayla was coming after her next week. I couldn’t compete in the HoH so I knew I wouldn’t be able to protect them unless I got Kayla out. At the end, I was doing it a little bit for me, but mostly to protect Bayleigh and Spicy. I really wanted to show them that I had their backs and that I was willing to fight for them.

John Powell: Who do you regret nominating more Kayla or Matt?

Avery Martin: I think I regret Kayla leaving the house more. She really did have my back but I just put my trust in the wrong people. I trusted people who I really shouldn’t have. I think that Kayla really would have had my back but as HoH you can put people up there and pray that they don’t go home. I did put her up there though but I didn’t send her out that door. It was the houseguests who sent her out the door. If I could have saved her, if I could go back, I would I would have kept her safe but I can’t go back. I just have to keep moving forward. I think I played a really good game and I’m really proud of that.

John Powell: You were very close to Kayla. Why didn’t you discuss all the things that you were being told about her before the veto ceremony?

Avery Martin: I think the reason why I didn’t is because like I said, the information that was being fed to me was from people that I thought I could trust…I feel like going back I wish I would have brought it up to Kayla a little bit sooner but I knew that no matter what in the Big Brother house if you’re being fed lies and you get called out on those lies you’re just going to be getting fed more lies.

I had to go with my gut and my gut was telling me that I couldn’t trust Kayla but as soon as she walked out those doors I had another gut feeling that there was people in the house who I couldn’t trust.

John Powell: As a superfan what was the hardest part of the experience for you?

Avery Martin: I think as a superfan of the show the hardest thing really is pushing emotions aside and playing just strictly game. Putting Matt up on that block and seeing that walk out that door was really hard for me. We were really, really close. We did almost everything together. He was my best buddy in the house. Pushing all of our personal stuff aside and just playing game is extremely hard.

Big Brother’s just a big social experiment. It’s a good one. It really gets your emotions going. I was a little bit of a crier but it comes down to shoving your emotions down, which is really tough in the house. It looks easy as a viewer but when you’re in the house and you’re playing it’s one of the most difficult things to do.

John Powell: Can you detail your thoughts on the gameplay of the final five?

Avery Martin:

Bayleigh: Her gameplay is amazing. I feel like she has a really good social game. She’s really good at making people feel good. She has a great way with her words. She’s really good at explaining different scenarios. She knows the game really, really well. She’s a good competitor. She won that PoV. She won safety for the week in that Movie Night Massacre. She’s a great competitor. I feel like in the past she might have been holding back on a few competitions. I’ll never know but she’s a really good competitor. She’s got a great social game. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it to final three.

Anthony: He is a master manipulator. He is a really good player. I’ve watched his season. I know he is a very good smooth talker. He’s really good with his words. He has an amazing social game. Anthony is the type of player that you can go to talk to and he makes you feel good. He makes you feel safe and then it makes you not want to put them up on the block. That’s what he did in his season. That’s what he’s doing now. I think that’s why he hasn’t touched the block yet. People are not so much scared of putting them up there but they’re worried that if they do that he’s going to be able to pull himself down. I think he has the capability to win competitions but he’s holding back. He’s throwing them. I know he’s throwing the competitions. I got to give it to Anthony. He’s a good player.

Spicy: I love that girl! She is 100 per cent authentic in the game. I’ll see if she’s authentic outside of the game but she seems like she’s always being herself 100 per cent. She’s a really good social player as well when it comes down to competitions. I feel like she does have what it takes to win but I think that she needs a little more fire under her. Now that I’m gone I know that she’s going to have to battle until the end. I would love to see her make it to final four. I know that’s her dream, to make it to the Big Brother Canada Awards.

Todd: (smiles) Oh John, Todd is a special type of player for sure. (laughs) He doesn’t know the show. He’s just making his way around. He has won a comp pressing a button in a bed. I have to give him props for not seeing the show and making it this far…I have to respect that he’s played a good game but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is next to the jury.

John Powell: How will a finalist get your vote to win?

Avery Martin: In order to get my vote I have to look at every angle. I have to look at every option there. I know it’s hard to really push the relationships aside. I do need to pull in the relationship aspect a little bit but when it comes to strictly game. It is going to come down to: Did you have a good social game? Were you a good competitor? How many wins did you have? Are those wins true?

I really have to think about every angle when it comes to my vote and make sure that I’m putting my vote in the right spot. If my girl Spicy is up there, you know I have to root for her. I’ve been rooting for her since Day One but at the end of the day I do have to think strictly game.