Triple Eviction Jury Members Have Their Say

Triple Eviction Jury Members Have Their Say

APRIL 22, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John  Powell – Global TV

The Big Brother Canada jury house is getting a little full. During a nerve-rending and heart-aching triple eviction Marty Frenette, Summer Sayles and Gino Giannopoulos were all voted out of the house and sent to jury joining Moose and Hermon.

We sat down with the trio and picked their brains about their game, their Big Brother Canada experience and what they are looking for in a winner as they contemplate their very important jury vote.

John Powell: Marty, how shocked were you that Haleena and Kevin turned on you and voted out Gino?

Marty Frenette: “I was actually shocked because I had that final two with with Haleena and I really trusted her at that point. She had told me earlier that she was voting Josh and he was leaving. Two minutes before the eviction, I went to Josh said I am sorry you are going, I love you as a person. I was blindsided in that sense for sure.”

John Powell: Your relationship with Gino had more ups and downs than a roller coaster. How do you feel that he was voted out because he picked the wrong gummy bear on your HoH?

Marty Frenette: “Yeah, the gummy bear thing. (Sighs) The only way I can explain it is we had an alliance of five. I saw cracks everywhere. For me, there was no chance I could work with Josh, Betty or Summer. The five was everything that I had. I knew there was a chance that Kevin could flip and I thought there was a chance that Jacey-Lynne would flip so by doing the gummy bears I was trying to do it as fair as possible. I pumped up what the five had done. We took out Tynesha, Hermon and Moose. I tried to give them a pep talk.”

“I gave Gino the option of putting his gummy bear in or not. I knew he was gonna throw it in because he’s a team player. I was hoping that Haleena and Kevin would see that he’s all in and we would stick together. Obviously, that didn’t work but that was my idea behind it.”

John Powell: What was it like dealing with that pressure cooker environment?

Marty Frenette: “It was the hardest thing I ever have had to do in my entire life. To be honest, I hit some really, really bad lows in the house. I didn’t think it was going to be that emotional. Everything you have in everyday life, the things you use to cope, like I usually speak with my wife or exercise when I want to, you don’t have access to any of that in the house. The last two to three weeks I felt alone in the house. It was really really, really tough.”

John Powell: Now summer, out of everybody in the house who you say you were most loyal to?

Summer Sayles: “I would say that I was the most loyal to Betty and I guess Joshua as well. I would say mostly Betty and I did stick my neck out quite a bit for Joshua. We’ll stick with that.”

John Powell: You went out with some fury and fire. Now that you have had some time to decompress are you still upset with Josh and when you had the chance why didn’t you appeal to the houseguests and give them some reasons to keep you in the game?

Summer Sayles: “Well, I am an emotional person and I am very petty. (Laughs) So, this may last for a very long time. We will have to see if I am able to decompress from this betrayal. Honestly, when I was trying to talk to the other houseguests they were treating me like I wasn’t anything to them. So at that point, I was like: Who cares? You know, I’m iconic! Let’s be real. I’m not one to beg. So it’s like okay, if this is how you feel then goodbye! But when you’re trying to hit me up on social media afterwards, I will be inaccessible.”

John Powell: Gino, you and Marty had a unique relationship. How did you keep your faith in him when he broke your trust so many times?

Gino Giannopoulos: “So I was trying not to play an emotional game. He did break my trust multiple times but for my strategy it was better for me to keep him around because he’s a walking target in the house. People were really upset with him. In my head, they were all after him so I might as well keep him beside me. He’s a strong player and he can win comps. But, the third time, the gummy bear, was the one that really got me. It’s the reason why I’m here. It kind of sucks but I could have just said no and I didn’t. I tried to build trust with the team but it didn’t work out. In reality, I should have just ate that gummy bear!” (Laughs)

John Powell: You and Jacey-Lynne bonded so closely in the house. Where do you see your relationship heading outside of the house when the show was over?

Gino Giannopoulos: “The game, it’s an emotional roller coaster and we’ve been through ups and downs together. We had good days and bad days. We had good chemistry together. So transferring that to the outside world, I think would transfer really well. We did talk about it. I think we’re gonna give it a try in the real world and see where it goes.”

John Powell: Here are some questions for all three of you.

Who do you think will win and who do you want to win?

Marty Frenette : “I think that Josh will win and I’d like to see Kevin win. I think he was the best overall player.”

Summer Sayles: “Okay, so I think either Kevin or Joshua will win. Who do I want to win? Obviously my girl Betty.”

Gino Giannopoulos: “I see Josh possibly winning it. He’s a strong player. He’s proved it. I’m not being biased (Laughs) but my number one is Jacey-Lynne obviously but she’s alone in the house right now. That’s who I would like to see to win.”

Who do you want to follow you into the jury house next?

Gino Giannopoulos: “I’d like to see obviously Josh but the two who flipped on me would be the ones that I would like to see so I can ask them why they flipped on me.”

Summer Sayles: “Oh, you know the answer to that one: Joshua. You know what? I’m bottling all of these emotions up and I need someone to release them on. There are more things I have to say.”

Marty Frenette: “I would say Haleena. Just before I left she grabbed me in the pantry and we had a final two and she was saying…’Marty, I wish I could have your back. There isn’t a chance at this point.’ I figured I only needed two votes so if I could have Jacey-Lynne, she was alone, and Haleena wanted safety, they could have saved me but she obviously had something with Josh and that’s why she didn’t want to do that. Hopefully, she is the next one to walk in.”

What are the qualities you’re looking for when you cast that vote and you pick a winner?

Marty Frenette: “I’m really looking for the best player of the season. I want to pick the person who represents the season as the best player. I’m going to look at the overall gameplay. I am going to consider how they maneuvered through the game.”

Summer Sayles: “First thing, of course, is what you represent. I think each of them belong to very unique communities and whoever the face of Big Brother Canada 10 will be will also be representing a specific minority. So that’s also something that would factor in. How you played the game. How you socialize. What was my relationship with you? So there’s some people who could be comp beasts until the end, but hey, you were rude to me so why should I give you my vote? If I didn’t like you, even if the whole house is voting your way, I will not give you my vote. Sorry.”

Gino Giannopoulos: “So, I don’t want to make an emotional decision. I know things happened in the past. I’ll make a logical decision to pick a well-rounded player in the finals. Someone who played a good social game and somebody that can win comps, the people who made the smartest moves. I’m gonna look at the big picture and that’s how I will make my decision.”

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