Week Four Evictee: ‘I really had to make that move’

APRIL 4, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Week Four Evictee: ‘I really had to make that move’

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Sometimes you have to make some tough calls when you are playing the Big Brother game. That can mean at times pivoting your game, swapping alliances and even abandoning your ride-or-die.

Vivek Sabbarwal, the software developer from New Brunswick, may have turned his back on his alliance mate Dinis last week but if he was going to move forward in the game Vivek felt like he no choice but to at the time.

John Powell: Hey, Vivek! Thanks for chatting with us today. How are you doing?

Vivek Sabbarwal: Honestly, it’s really hard to process everything that just happened. I have mixed emotions. I feel sad, love, happiness, confusion and it’s all up in the air right now. It’s a lot!

John Powell: Before the big vote last night we saw you putting your faith in the people you trusted in the game. Looking back how do you feel about what went down?

Vivek Sabbarwal: At the end of the day, they are playing the game. Everybody is too afraid to ruffle any feathers right now until somebody makes a big move that actually draws a line. People are still voting the way the house wants to vote. I can’t blame them for that because I would have done the same.

John Powell: You did mention while you were in the house that you wanted people to take more risks. In your mind why don’t you think they are?

Vivek Sabbarwal: I think a lot of people in the house are kind of scared to make those moves. It is a big thing to even talk about it because multiple people have realized based on Donna going, based on Janine going then Dinis and now me, we are all people that have had said either Spicy Vee or Anthony’s names.

The whole house is now realizing if we even talk about those people somehow it makes it back to them and we could be next. That instills fear into them. If they want to win though they are going to have to make that big move.


John Powell: Based solely on your perception who do you think is the dominant force in the house?

Vivek Sabbarwal: Both the All Stars right now are running this house, without a doubt. The connections they have is crazy! Anthony is really controlling the guys and Spicy Vee is really controlling the girls. I really hope the houseguests realize they’re just going to pick them off one-by-one. They have to make that big move even though it’s scary and it might jeopardize their entire game! They have to do it! That’s a lesson that I learned the hard way because I regret not making that big move.

John Powell: You mentioned Anthony has the men in his pocket and Spicy Vee has the women. Is there any reason for the house to even be divided like that?

Vivek Sabbarwal: I think what’s really going on is Spicy Vee and Anthony are locked together. They are super close. I’ve seen it multiple even though they say they’re not. Their actions speak louder than words.

The fact is I was always catching them in rooms talking together. That’s a fact right there! So, they’re super close and have each other’s backs. It’s been it’s proven by their actions! Then, they both kind of spread their wings to people who they are really close with. They’re able to kind of manipulate and control them. I think Anthony is doing a really good job. He’s doing such a good job with the guys I feel like none of them would turn on him. He’s been doing that with the girls a little bit too. A lot of girls are feeling really more loyal to Anthony than to Spicy I think.

John Powell: I spoke to Dinis last week. Obviously, you were a big part of that conversation. He said that he wants to forgive you but doesn’t know if he ever will be able to. Do you regret what happened?

Vivek Sabbarwal: Without a doubt! Dinis was my Number One. He is someone I loved with my whole heart! He was there for me when I needed him but the reason I really had to make that because you need numbers in this game. Without numbers you can’t go far. When I was talking to the other houseguests they spoke about how Dinis is so vague, they don’t know where his head is at and he seems to be a little explosive. It was showing me that he was rubbing people the wrong way.

Anthony also sat in my room and told me this is the person that’s coming after us. If you want loyalty, if you want safety for the week, this is the way to do it.

You need to have a good social game. You need numbers. I had to make that move, let go of the person who was closest to me so that I could show my loyalty towards that alliance. It actually turned out they were just backstabbing me in the first place but I was hoping that it would at least give me some weeks of safety. It was all fake though.

When that alliance came up and was offered to me it was two of the biggest people in the game and I know they have numbers behind them. When that was offered to me I had to take it. I thought that was what was going to take me to the end.

John Powell: Another person in the house you had an up and down relationship with was Bayleigh. You had a massive fight in the HoH room. As she was getting so heated you managed to keep calm during the entire argument. How were you able to do so?

Vivek Sabbarwal: My idea was that even though she’s screaming and she’s losing her mind, I knew at the at the same time that she is upset that her name came up. It did but it was for logical reasons. I didn’t mention at the time that I knew she already had my name in her mouth. I was able to confirm with two other people. I knew I couldn’t rub her completely the wrong way though. I still needed her as a number to move forward.

I maintained a cool composure and tried to mend things with her. After we had that blow up we had another chat in the Infinity Room. I tried to mend things so we could move forward. When she told me things weren’t mendable that’s when I knew she was going to be coming after me so I had to go after her.

John Powell: Did she give you any reason for why your relationship wasn’t fixable?

Vivek Sabbarwal: Bayleigh is a person who really wears her emotions on her sleeve. I think she might have been aligned with people who were coming after me as well. She needed to stay away from me to show them that. She didn’t really want to mend that relationship.

John Powell: What do you think it is going to take to loosen the hold Anthony and Spicy Vee have on the house and the game?

Vivek Sabbarwal: I don’t think anybody right now in the game is going to make that move. I think the only way to have some sort of shift right now is to force Spicy Vee or Anthony to show their cards so that can be used against them.

John Powell: Who do you want to win and why?

Vivek Sabbarwal: I definitely want Matthew to win even though I know that we both did throw each other’s names under the bus at some point. (laughs) The love I have for that guy is immense! The first day I came to the house he spoke in my language. He reminded me of home. Even in my eviction speech he said “I love you!” in my language! That was so heartwarming! I really hope he’s able to see through Anthony and I hope he’s able to make some big moves. He seems to be really close with Lexus which I hope it helps in terms of getting in with the girls. He’s in a good spot but eventually he’s going to need to make a big move. I just really hope he realizes that Anthony is really not there for him.