Week One Evicted Houseguest: ‘They chose the easy route’

Week One Evicted Houseguest: ‘They chose the easy route’

MARCH 4, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

According to Big Brother Canada’s first evictee of the season she was an “easy out” for the house.

“I don’t think I was seen as a threat until later and then they chose an easy route. I was more of a threat than Kevin (Jacobs) and that’s just how the game goes,” said Melina Mansing, the 29-year-old artist from Toronto.

Mansing admits she was taken aback by how quickly the game began and that this year’s houseguests have definitely come to play.

“I think I just didn’t realize how quick it all moves! You know it’s happening but it was so quick! I didn’t even have time to like pose and that’s necessary. (laughs) I wish I just chitchatted a little bit more,” she said.

Speaking of “chitchatting”, Mansing believes one of the flaws in her game was not having a stronger social game but readily concedes that it takes her time to warm up to people in the outside world. That is just her nature. She needs to feel that “vibe”.

Mansing also realizes her initial meeting with HoH Hermon didn’t help her game at all and neither did Jessica Gowling winning the Power of Veto and taking herself off the block.

“Hermon was definitely running the house no matter how much he was telling me he wasn’t. People didn’t want to move away from that HoH. I’m pretty sure ‘T’ (Tynesa) and Kyle are doing a very good job. They both have a really good social game but they are also being a little sneaky,” she said.

Although she was the first houseguest evicted and didn’t get to stay in the game as long as she wished to, Mansing definitely got what she wanted out of the Big Brother Canada experience.

“My goal was definitely not bonding. I’ll be honest, I was not there to make friends. I really did want to challenge myself. That was my main goal and I definitely was,” she said.

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