Week Five Evictee: ‘I have no regrets’

APRIL 11, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Week Five Evictee: ‘I have no regrets’

By John Powell – GlobalTV

There is some truth to the saying that winning isn’t everything. To Matthew Wong, the kinesiologist from British Columbia, being true to himself and making his family proud of his Big Brother Canada journey was far more important than any grand prize.

John Powell: Good morning, Matt! How are you feeling today, all things considered?

Matthew Wong: Obviously, you never want to go out that early. I’m a gamer so I was there to win. However, it was a blessing just to be there. I was blessed with a great experience and surrounded by a great cast! So all in all, I just take it as a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m very thankful for that opportunity!

John Powell: Taking a look at one of your very emotional goodbye messages, you must have been proud that Anthony really stood by you.

Matthew Wong: I never doubted Dougie! Honestly, Dougie gave me his word from early on. It was revealed to me that he was working in another alliance with Kayla, Spicy Vee, Avery and Lexus but Dougie is a man of his word! He looked me in the eye. He told me he had me and he would never vote against me. I truly believe that voting me out was probably the best move for the others in that alliance because I don’t think Lexus or Dougie would have chose them over me. I really think they would have chosen me when the going got tough in the end. I think they showed their true colours in their goodbye messages as well as voting for me even when we knew we didn’t have the votes for me to stay.

John Powell: What did you think about Lexus’ goodbye message to you?

Matthew Wong: I definitely appreciate her message. I have a great relationship with her whether it’s a friendship or romantic relationship. Right now though, I think she just needs to focus on the game and do whatever it takes to win.

I’m definitely excited for what’s to come and open to anything. She’s a great girl! I think she’s beautiful on the inside and out. For me, it definitely was real. I can’t fake my emotions. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m an upfront honest and loyal guy. So it was definitely nice to hear and see how truly genuine her goodbye message was. I’m just wishing her the best in the house! I do miss her and I can’t wait to see her after the show is over!


John Powell: Now that you are gone how do you think her game will change?

Matthew Wong: I know I was her safe spot and her support system. I know it’s going to be tough for her mentally but she’s a very strong girl, physically and mentally! You guys saw her in the competitions. She was killing it! I think she’s in a good spot in the game right now with that five person alliance. I told her before I left that she doesn’t need to get revenge for me right away. It can be weeks down the road or maybe the best revenge is winning at the end…I think she kind of needs to make sure she gets back in the good books with the girls because I know Tola and Dougie are also with her all the way until the end.

John Powell: It is one thing having allies in the house it is another thing to have someone who is really, really close to you. That kind of trust is rare in the Big Brother game. What was it like being able to rely on her as you did?

Matthew Wong: It was definitely comforting. I’m very close to my family and they’re my biggest support system. I go to them for everything. So, it was just nice to feel like I had someone that I could just truly be myself with and open up with. I truly trusted her and Dougie 100 per cent. They would have my back through thick and thin. I really appreciate them being straight up and true to their word and showing me unconditional loyalty and love.

Big Brother Canada Season 12

John Powell: Would you rather be known as the winner of Big Brother Canada or one of the nicest, kindest houseguests?

Matthew Wong: The entire time I wanted to stay true to myself, true to my morals, values and true to my character. It’s not just about me at the end of the day. I’ve got family and friends that I’m representing inside that house…If that means I’m not winning the title, well, money comes and goes but the impact you leave on people being true to your character and being loyal, that’s forever. I have no regrets. At the end of the day, I can truly look in the mirror and say I was myself.

John Powell: Did you and Lexus ever talk about or were ever worried about the fact that your relationship could make you targets?

Matthew Wong: Yeah, it’s definitely hard when you’re in that house 24/7. Obviously, I liked everyone in the house but there’s certain people that I definitely have a stronger relationship with and just had natural vibes with.

I definitely had the conversation with her multiple times saying we probably needed to spend less time together. Then, we would try and we’d both miss each other because we were living with each other in the house. It came to a point where I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get to know such a beautiful person on the inside and out. I decided just to be myself and spend time with the people I wanted to. It’s not an easy thing to be in the Big Brother house mentally, emotionally or physically. She definitely made it so much easier for me. I have no regrets spending the time with her but it definitely put a target on our backs.

John Powell: Did you have a hard time separating game from personal relationships?

Matthew Wong: One thing for me that was really tough is I can’t give you my word and then not be true to it. That was probably one of the main reasons that I kind of just stuck with the people that I was really rocking with. They were people that I felt my loyalty would be reciprocated.

Even having conversations when I was campaigning to stay and having to possibly bend the truth or just lie right through my teeth to tell the houseguests what they needed to hear, those were the hardest conversations for me. I would just find myself sitting feeling so uncomfortable that I just lied to someone. I just rather stay true to my character…Loyalty though is seen and not said. I believed in those handful of people, maybe three of them, that were rocking with me from the beginning and never went against their words.

John Powell: In your exit interview you spoke about wanting “the boys” to win. When did you first see such a rift between the men and women develop in the house?

Matthew Wong: First off, I know I said I wanted the boys to pull it out but I consider Lexus to be one of the boys. (laughs) She was true to me and Dougie no matter what. When I said that I definitely included her.

It happened early on though. If I remember correctly during the Winner’s Fashion Show on Day Two, you can just see that the girls were very similar in many ways, maybe even in more ways than the boys were. It was easy for them to connect. It was obvious to myself, Dougie and other guys in the house that the girls were really rocking together.

John Powell: Now this maybe a foregone conclusion and the easiest question you will be asked today but…Who do you want to win?

Matthew Wong: I definitely hope Lexus wins! I also want to see Tola or Dougie win! I feel like Tola has been in the hot seat since Day One. He and I have always been seen as physical threats. He’s a great guy and people were just coming from for him right off the bat. I want to see Dougie win too! That’s my brother! That’s my dog! I feel like if any three of any one of those three win I’ll be happy!