Week Three Evicted Houseguest: ‘I really felt alone in there’

MARCH 28, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Week Three Evicted Houseguest: ‘I really felt alone in there’

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Dinis Freitas cannot help but to still pose the question…Et tu, Vivek?

Betrayed by his closest ally, the textile designer from Toronto still isn’t sure he will be able to forgive Vivek for siding with his enemies and ending his Big Brother dream.

John Powell: It’s so great to be talking to you today. How are you?

Dinis Freitas: I’m good. I am still processing, decompressing and doing all the things that you need to do once you leave a show like this.

John Powell: You had a really rough week in the house. How are you feeling about all of that?

Dinis Freitas: I’m better. This week was a hit to me but here I am having a sip of coffee and not needing to worry about what people are thinking or I that I need to be watching people and observing who they’re talking to. So, that is refreshing. (laughs) I am just having a nice simple cup of coffee. (laughs)

John Powell: Big Brother is a pressure cooker environment at times. Did it feel that way to you?

Dinis Freitas: For sure! I felt that others had people they could bounce ideas off of and I lost that. That person betrayed me so I had no one really to talk to.

I even tried to talk to Todd but it wasn’t the same level as what Vivek and I had. I really felt alone in there. I just had to process everything myself because if I revealed any information to the other houseguests they would probably weaponize that against me. It was hard but I am of an age where I can rely on myself but I still ran out of resources this week.

John Powell: It is bad enough being in an alliance and people are gunning for you. It is doubly hard when you don’t have that kind of support system.

Dinis Freitas: I found that to be a challenge though because you’re sort of a free agent so you can say anything and shape yourself to anyone’s needs. I understood what their needs were. That’s why I spoke to specific people individually and then the women at the end as I knew what their needs were. I pitched them what I could provide for them. Once you understand a situation you can navigate it.

John Powell: You mentioned that you weren’t sure if you could forgive Vivek for what he did to you. How are you feeling today now that you have had a bit of time to think things over?

Dinis Freitas: I still feel the same. I am not a person that holds on to hate. I really don’t like being sad. That’s why I said it makes me sad to even think that I could not forgive another human being but…Dude! Why? Why? Why? What does that say about your character? Does that mean you’re THAT character outside of the house and then what does that mean for our relationship? Can I trust on you?

John Powell: Why do you think he did what he did?

Dinis Freitas: I think someone with a golden tongue whispered in his ear and offered him sweet temptations that apparently I couldn’t offer or maybe lied to him about a deal they can give them. I literally saved him in more ways than one! I didn’t understand what someone else could give him.

Game-wise, I brought support. I called him The Devil You Know to many people in the house as I pitched him for him to stay and that was something predictable that we could use tool. I don’t understand why. He’s an impressionable person and I think someone with a golden tongue just got to him.


John Powell: Some houseguests have commented that they think some are playing scared in the house. Do you agree?

Dinis Freitas: One hundred per cent! I called it the Cult of Fear. At the nucleus of that cult is Anthony. I don’t understand. I think there are a lot of impressionable people in there and Anthony is offering comfort. He’s offering them sugar and that didn’t work with me because I needed a meal.

They are scared to go against him for fear of the repercussions. You saw the pattern. There is Janine, Donna and me. We have something in common. We understood Anthony’s game and he’s utilizing that as a source of fear.

I kept trying to pitch that we have the numbers to change that. No one could work outside of that fear. Many of the people I spoke to talked about fear and not wanting to be gripped by fear. They just needed to take that step.

John Powell: When I spoke to Donna last week she called Anthony a “snake charmer”. Do you think that’s an apt description of how he’s playing the game?

Dinis Freitas: Yes. He’s The Man with the Golden Tongue.

John Powell: What do you think your biggest mistake was in the game?

Dinis Freitas: Putting all my resources into one person. I think I should have spread those resources to other people and made them feel the way Vivek felt. He was comfortable with me and felt safe. I think I should have spread that out with a couple more people, maybe two or three. I thought I had that with Bayleigh. It went back and forth. It was developing. I thought I had that with Avery but I was just too slow.

John Powell: Nobody seems to be challenging these veteran players. Why is that?

Dinis Freitas: I think the way the first comp was set up in which they were leaders and safe had a lot to do with it. I think that allowed them safety and then build relationships very quickly. There are a lot of impressionable people in there and Anthony especially provides what their egos need right now. The situation just steamrolled.

John Powell: What or who do you think will stop that steamroll?

Dinis Freitas: Besides me? (laughs) You know what happens to anyone who targets him, right? I think the best thing for them to do, I pitched this as well, is to take out his shields like we saw in his season. He is surrounded by comp beasts so if you take out that protection, his tools, he will be weakened. That is if people actually just stopped listening to him. That would weaken him immensely. He saw that with me. I just didn’t buy what he was selling. He knew that from the start. He knew that and that’s why I feel I was targeted. That’s what it will take.

John Powell: Do you regret upping your threat level by winning those competitions?

Dinis Freitas: To be honest it was the fan in me. I could have thrown those comps. That first comp working in the dark with those puzzles? I could have thrown that easily. No one would have known. As a fan though I had to win. I had to win. I am the eldest man in there. I am the eldest LGBT person in there. I have to represent the competitor side in me and create a voice in that space. The fanboy inside me just spoke so loud that I could not resist.

John Powell: As a fan, what was the hardest thing about the game and/or the experience for you?

Dinis Freitas: It was that your brain constantly ‘on’ even in genuine social interactions. In the game I just couldn’t stop thinking. It would take me an hour in bed to just decompress every night. I would think about things and my brain was ‘on’ all the time.

John Powell: Who do you want to win and why?

Dinis Freitas: Tola. He and I were starting a relationship. Very early on, we saw each other and we saw the fan in each other. We saw the analytical side of each other. I think his social game has only improved since Day One. The man was targeted Day One, right? He stayed off the block. He’s the one to watch. It might be subtle but this is a marathon and in that race that man is pacing himself.