Zach’s game under attack

Zach’s game under attack

MARCH 23, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

The wheels seem to be slowly coming of the bus Zach is driving. Playing the role of coach and mentor in the house has Zach working at cross purposes with many of his allies and those allies are starting to break ranks.

HoH DJ Dan followed through on Zach’s suggestion of putting Renee on the block beside Hope with the option of backdooring Rob.

“I put Hope on the block because he asked me to put him on the block. With Renee, she is a strong social player and she has a lot of knowledge about the game of Big Brother. That scares me. If the nominations were to stay the same this week the plan would be to evict Renee but the bigger plan in play is to backdoor Rob,” said DJ Dan of his choices.

Renee questioned Dan after the ceremony. To his credit but what might not have been a good game move, Dan was honest about his reasoning.

“Am I your target?” Renee asked.

“I am going to be honest, yes,” said DJ Dan calling her a “detriment” to his game.

To make matters worse for Rob he wasn’t picked for the Power of Veto competition.

“I was really hoping to be picked for the PoV as it is the only way to insure my safety,” said a disappointed Rob.

Zach won the Power of Veto meaning that whether Rob is indeed nominated this week is now in Zach and DJ Dan’s hands.

“I needed this! I wanted this!” said Zach of his victory.

Vanessa became upset at the end of the competition when a frustrated Hope questioned her loyalty. Zach made a volatile situation even worse when he commented that perhaps if she cannot handle the heat that Vanessa leave the game. That didn’t sit well with the yoga instructor from Calgary.

“It is okay if emotional people play this game,” said Vanessa in her private sit-down with Zach.

Vanessa later called out Zach’s game in front of the entire house.

“Zach, you are the kind of guy who has to try to be nice,” she said.

“Let’s not say things we will all regret,” said Anika trying to play peacemaker between the two.

Vanessa then accused Zach of trying to get Rob out last week.

“You have to think about what your are saying. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” scoffed Zach trying to deflect the accusations.

Zach’s conversation with Santina didn’t go well either. Santina doesn’t believe booting Rob, one of her allies, is good for her game and will not be swayed by Zach.

“We could have used him going further in the game,” she argued.

“I am not trying to persuade you any way. I just don’t see it the same way you do,” replied a frustrated Zach.

“I cannot speak to you about this because I don’t think you are looking after my best interest,” he concluded walking out on the discussion.

Santina then warned Rob about the plot against him.

“They are going to put you up. You know that?” she told him. “I don’t know if it is because we spend time together or it is personal.”

“Do I have a reason to be paranoia or is this hearsay?” he asked.

Without directly saying so, Santina confirmed that he had every reason to fear for his safety in the game.

Jonathan is also feeling conflicted about backdooring Rob and for good reason, he is his closest ally.

“I am loyal to this guy’s alliance but I feel as if I am trying to hold something together someone else doesn’t want together. The writing is on the wall,” he said.

Jonathan too met with Zach but that chat ended in very much the same way as the others. Zach accused Jonathan trying to obtain information for Rob.

“I feel like you are asking me for him,” Zach said. “He is turning everyone against me and he is putting me in a really difficult situation.”

Like Santina, Jonathan doesn’t want to betray an ally.

“My gut tells me they are going to put Rob on the block. That is my guy. That is my ride or die. It is early in the game and if I lose my ride or die I feel as if I am going to be fighting this battle alone,” he said.

Will Zach use the Power of Veto and who will be the final nominations for the week?

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